Oral Absorption

We thought we would provide some additional information on oral absorption that we have found online.  We talk about how the Vitamist & Spray It Away products absorb very fast into your bloodstream but thought it might be good to provide some additional 3rd party information.

First here is the link to our website information on Oral Absorption:

Oral Absorption from Spray Vitamins


ORAL ABSORPTION is now the preferred choice of medical experts for the administration of nutrients (and medicine). Tests from Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that when administered in a liquid orally, nutrients or medicines reach a higher blood concentration, more rapidly than when administered by a tablet or even an injection which, with certain medications, take as much as 30 minutes longer.

The mouth is perfectly designed for optimal absorption of spray vitamins. Within seconds, vital nutrients can be absorbed through the mouth lining and delivered via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate utilization.

The intra-oral method of absorption i.e. used in oral spray vitamins – has been shown to be up to 90% effective, whereas The Physician’s Desk Reference shows that vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10-20% absorbed by the body.

Sprays are 90% Effective

  • Oral Spray Vitamins supplements are more ECONOMICAL than vitamin pills, capsules or drinks. Cost per dose is far less when you consider absorption, bioavailability and purity.
  • Spray Vitamin supplements are PURE, as they do not contain fillers, binders or adhesive agents, commonly found in pills or tablets. They contain only pure nutritional ingredients.
  • Spray vitamin supplements are HYGENIC, the anti-microbial containers ensures purity and bioavailability of the ingredients by preventing contamination by touching or oxidation by exposure to the air before being administered.
  • Spray vitamin supplements are CONVENIENT – take them anytime, anywhere in seconds. No water is required. They are the perfect size to carry in a pocket or a purse.
  • Spray vitamin supplements are SAFE for adults, children, the elderly and those suffering with digestive disorders, which may make taking pills or capsules difficult or which hinder the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Disorders like crohns disease, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis are conditions that may be irritated by ingestion of pills or capsules.

Comments on Oral Absorption From Some Experts


“Medical Procedures to obtain proper concentration of drugs or nutrients to be beneficial to the individual must be administered every 3 to 4 hours. ” ne larger or mega dose results in excessive or overdosing with taxation of the kidney to excrete. Comparative data–100 mg. consumed as a tablet translates to a stabilized 8.3 mg. blood concentrate. 100 mg. consumed in 4 equal doses translates to a stable 78.6 mg. blood concentrate. Smaller doses administered with more frequency seem to raise blood concentrate. “Oral liquid or spray is far superior, showing higher concentration with lower more frequent dosages. Avoidance of gastrointestinal system is preferred when spray or sublingual is available.”
National Advisory Board

“Drugs or nutrients administered in solution are generally absorbed much more rapidly than those administered in solid form, since the process of dissolution is not required. “A liquid preparation is more convenient to administer to those who are unable to swallow tablets or capsules or have difficulty swallowing them. In addition, solutions have the advantage over solid dosage forms in that they do not have the delay characteristics of solid dosage forms but are presented to the body in a form most conducive for absorption directly into the bloodstream upon administration. “The mucosal lining of the mouth is superior for the passage of a drug or nutrient and involves the same principles of drug absorption as described earlier, with the lipid/water distribution co-efficient being a prime factor in the absorption capability of a drug or nutrient substance.”
“Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms ”
Howard C Ansel, Ph.D.

“Current drugs, good as many of them are, are far from perfect. All carry the risk of side effects. In part, this risk derives from the way drugs work in the body, a medical specialty known as Pharmacokinetics. A regimen of pills causes an irregular of medicine in the body, which can be plotted as a series of ‘peaks and valleys’. At the peak, when a pill first dissolves, too much drug is present; at the valley, as time goes on, there is too little drug. The peak signals an increased risk of side effects; the valley, less benefit from the drug. In essence, the new drug delivery systems seek to flatten the pharmacokinetics graph. By releasing a steady, continuous flow of medicine, the new systems are designed to lower the peaks and ideally to produce better results. “In addition, because these new delivery systems do away with pills, consumers should find them more convenient. Convenience, it is hoped, will mean less medication left at home, forgotten at bedtime, or unused “because it didn’t seem to be working.'”
“A Better Pill To Swallow”
John Grossman

“Absorption from all sites of administration is dependent upon drug solubility. Drugs given in solution are more rapidly absorbed than those given in solid form. “Absorption from the buccal mucosa (mouth) is rapid. A higher concentration of the drug or nutrient in the blood is achieved than by absorption lower in the alimentary tract because metabolism of drugs or nutrients as a result of passage through the liver is avoided and because the drug or nutrient is not subjected to possible destruction by the gastrointestinal secretions or to formation of complexes with foods. “The mucosal lining of the mouth to the passage of drugs or nutrients, and their absorption through the buccal mucosa involves the same principles for most epithelial membranes.”
“The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics”
Goodman and Gilman

Pharmacology: Oral Meds Absorption

I wanted to include this video to show you the process that a pill has to go through to absorb into your bloodstream and all the potential road blocks it can encounter.  You will see that a spray that enters your bloodstream in 20 seconds is definitely the way to go.


Half/Partial/Full Round … your choice

Question:  I’ve completed a half round but have just a little farther to go before reaching my goal weight.  Must I continue for a complete round (42 days)?

Answer:  No.  The minimum number of days you must be on the spray is 21, after that it is your choice as to how many days you continue up to a full round.


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