Every BODY is Unique!

Everybody is unique & special and so is every BODY! We all know that this statement is true however, have you ever considered this with regards to how you personally eat? I hadn’t thought much about it either – until recently.  Let me share how some of the ‘light bulbs turned on’, so to speak!

Dave & I have been living in Phase 4 over the last while and we’ve been on the hunt to learn how to keep the weight from coming back on.  We realize that the new weight that we’ve achieved is not really ‘ours’ yet.  Until we have permanently stabilized it (which takes time and continued effort) we must be careful.  Our bodies are at a very vulnerable state and they are prone to weight rebound. This is not the time for us to sit back and relax now that we have lost the weight…but that’s another day’s blog!

So, back to how what we eat affects us.  Not long ago a friend gave us a book about Body Types.  Did you know that your hands, face, and figure tell all about your body functions based on your hormone-endocrine system. By following a few key guidelines and eating specific foods based on your body type you can improve your metabolism, your overall health, and your shape.

Then I came across another book regarding Blood Types.  Did you know that your blood type reflects your internal chemistry.  It actually determines the way you absorb nutrients!  Depending on your blood type certain foods are absorbed better than others and certain foods can actually be harmful to you.

Did you know that your ancestry & heritage also plays a role in what foods are best for you specifically?  How about the way in which your cells convert nutrients into energy?  Is your body a fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer?  Did you know that the speed at which your body processes what you eat is called your metabolic rate and different foods will either aid or hinder you?

So…does this relate to the Spray It Away Weight Loss Program, you ask? You bet it does!  But must you understand it all before you can follow the program?  NO! NO! NO!  Our program works as it is for everyone who follows it.  This has been tried, tested & is true.  Dr. Simeons’ protocol has worked for thousands upon thousands of people & there are plenty of amazing testimonies that you can read on our site and others.

One of the key things that I love about our program is that you begin to learn what personally works for YOUR body and I believe the above information can actually help  fine-tune your overall results to be the very best that they can be.

Phase 1 is only 2 days long & is pretty well a no-brainer for everyone – load up on high-calorie, high fat foods!  Phase 2 is simple & very easy to follow – choose 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, 2 fruit & 2 starches from the list.  Phase 3 is where you really begin to learn what foods affect your body and how they affect it.  I think this is where the above paragraphs will really begin to play a key role in helping you keep the pounds off.

Before this blog goes on forever 🙂 let me give you one example of how we were able to use our new found knowledge.  Perhaps it will be of help to you!

A while back Dave was chatting with a couple of guys about the results of their “steak days” (If you are unsure of what a “steak day” is you can read about it in our knowledge base by clicking here). He wondered why it was that they would lose 2-4 lbs but he would only lose 1 lb.  As he thought through why Dr Simeons would prescribe a “steak day” he knew it was for the high protein, higher fat content.  Using our new-found knowledge he decided to try a “salmon day” instead – wouldn’t you know it – he dropped 3 lbs!  The next time he needed a “steak day” he tried the “salmon day” again and this time he dropped 3.5 lbs!  You see, now that we knew that his Blood Type was “A” we had learned that he should not be eating red meat on a regular basis.  Up until we knew this Dave had been eating red meat almost every single day!  As you can see his body performed much better for him on a “salmon day” than a “steak day”.  He then decided to go for 2 solid weeks without eating any red meat & to his surprise (but just as the books had said) he felt better overall & also noticed that his energy was higher.

Wow! Isn’t that cool!  Aren’t our bodies so individually unique? As it says in the Bible, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalms 139:19)  That’s for sure!


A New Adventure!

Life is a journey and – for our family – it’s always full of adventure!  We’ve just returned from vacationing in one of Canada’s most beautiful spots… Fairmont, British Columbia! You’ll find Fairmont nestled between the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains in the Columbia Valley – it’s gorgeous! During our week there I’ve been able to relax, do a ton of reading, play games and with family, hike & golf, meet some new friends, get together with more family enjoying a day at the Calgary Stampede… and of course, spend hours in the van driving!

Now that we’re back home I’ve decided on a NEW adventure for me – that of blogging! I’ve been told that blogging is an easy thing to do but, you know how it is…if you’ve never done something before it can be scary!  But they say that to overcome fear you must face it, so…here goes!

As some of you know, Dave & I have been on an incredible journey over the last year – an adventure I must say!  Together we have achieved a weight loss of over 180 lbs – a feat that only a year ago I wouldn’t have even imagined would be possible!  But look at us now!  (Check out our story at if you haven’t read about or seen us for a while.)  It’s because of this amazing change that I’ve been encouraged by some of you to blog about it.  Nothing thrills me more than to see the hope that comes into people’s eyes when we tell them or show them where we’ve come from.  For months now I’ve been able to witness others having success too!  It’s awesome!  I know I don’t have all the answers and I’m definitely not a doctor but  have walked the journey,  I’ve experienced the challenges & the triumphs, and I’m continuing to live it.  I also have the heart & passion to help others if they’ve chosen to take this path.

I trust that perhaps as I spend time sharing what I’ve learned in the past and sharing what I am currently researching that I might encourage & spur others on to become healthier and to ultimately reach their God-given ideal weight!


Are You Hungry??

From time to time we have run into people that seem to be hungry all the time when on the spray but that is pretty rare.

There are a larger number of people who tell us that they experience hunger from time to time.  It is interesting that this group of people are slowly learning that they are having to decipher between true hunger and actual cravings.  There is no doubt that our bodies have cravings for certain foods that we have been addicted to in the past.  These withdrawals can cause cravings that appear to most of us as hunger.  So what should we do about hunger and cravings?

Avoid Temptations
It is probably good to avoid going out to restaurants with friends during Phase 2.  Stay away from those places you used to hang out and eat foods that you know are not good for you.  Ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, are probably just the beginning of what to avoid this summer.  Instead have some friends over to your home and have a BBQ with the right portion of meat and a favorite vegetable from your list and enjoy the time with friends more that the memories of foods.

Go to bed earlier
This is one thing I learn’t early on is that my weakness was late night eating.  To combat this I just started to go to bed earlier and then get up earlier.  Amazing that in the morning I was not hunger until about 10:30 so obviously I was not really hunger the night before but the craving and habits I had developed were flooding my brain.

Eat Shirataki Noodles
This is one of the best answers.  Get yourself some zero calorie Shirataki noodles.  You can eat them in unlimited amounts on Phase 2 so learn to cook some of the meals on the website and create some of your own.  They help to make you feel full and do not effect your weight loss.

So there you have 3 ideas if you struggle with hunger or cravings.

Now Spray It Away and enjoy a healthier, happier life.