Am I stalling?

The first week on Spray It Away I lost almost 10 lbs but in the past 2 days I only lost .4 and .2  – without changing anything.  Is this what you consider a stall or have I hit a plateau already?
It is very common for some to experience a huge loss the first week and then slow down to a more consistent loss.  It is also very common for people to begin to lose slow but steady.  Remember that every BODY is unique & different.   Remember, too, that through this process your body is working on both losing pounds AND inches so don’t get discouraged.   Any kind of a drop is great – you are going in the right direction!   I would not consider this a stall or a plateau.
Sometimes your body will stay at the same weight for several days or perhaps even gain.  Don’t be alarmed!  You may have hit a pre-set weight that you have been at in the past & because your body remembers it, it might try to stay there for a few days.  Some other reasons may be: stress, lack of sleep, different time of weigh-in, water retention, Time Of the Month for women, food sensitivity, an increase in salt intake, negative mind-set, weighing right after a shower, change of medications, change of scale location, cheating, eating off protocol, eating red meat too often, not drinking enough water, extreme exercise, fighting a sickness, etc. Don’t worry. Stay persistent and continue (or go back to) protocol & you WILL see a drop again!  If your weight remains the same for 5 days then you may consider doing an ‘apple day’.  However; your body IS still changing even if the numbers on the scale aren’t changing! Instead of thinking these days to be negative think of them as times of re-shaping & re-sculpting as well as setting new habits & new weight points.  Remember to look at your overall weight loss not just that day’s loss.