Am I stalling?

The first week on Spray It Away I lost almost 10 lbs but in the past 2 days I only lost .4 and .2  – without changing anything.  Is this what you consider a stall or have I hit a plateau already?
It is very common for some to experience a huge loss the first week and then slow down to a more consistent loss.  It is also very common for people to begin to lose slow but steady.  Remember that every BODY is unique & different.   Remember, too, that through this process your body is working on both losing pounds AND inches so don’t get discouraged.   Any kind of a drop is great – you are going in the right direction!   I would not consider this a stall or a plateau.
Sometimes your body will stay at the same weight for several days or perhaps even gain.  Don’t be alarmed!  You may have hit a pre-set weight that you have been at in the past & because your body remembers it, it might try to stay there for a few days.  Some other reasons may be: stress, lack of sleep, different time of weigh-in, water retention, Time Of the Month for women, food sensitivity, an increase in salt intake, negative mind-set, weighing right after a shower, change of medications, change of scale location, cheating, eating off protocol, eating red meat too often, not drinking enough water, extreme exercise, fighting a sickness, etc. Don’t worry. Stay persistent and continue (or go back to) protocol & you WILL see a drop again!  If your weight remains the same for 5 days then you may consider doing an ‘apple day’.  However; your body IS still changing even if the numbers on the scale aren’t changing! Instead of thinking these days to be negative think of them as times of re-shaping & re-sculpting as well as setting new habits & new weight points.  Remember to look at your overall weight loss not just that day’s loss.

Half/Partial/Full Round … your choice

Question:  I’ve completed a half round but have just a little farther to go before reaching my goal weight.  Must I continue for a complete round (42 days)?

Answer:  No.  The minimum number of days you must be on the spray is 21, after that it is your choice as to how many days you continue up to a full round.


Happy New Year!! Make it a great one :)

A brand new year has just arrived – the old has gone…the new has come!  Happy New Year, everyone!!

I love new beginnings, don’t you?  A clean slate…a fresh start…another chance.  With the new year here I hope that you have spent some time taking stock of the year you’ve just spent and I hope you’ve invested some time into thinking of things that you want to accomplish in 2012.   Time taken for reflection and contemplation followed with dreaming and planning is always time well spent.

Perhaps you’ve even set some New Year’s Resolutions!  Congratulations!  By definition, a resolution is ‘a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner’.  That’s great!  Go for it!  Decisions followed by commitment & dedication & a plan will lead you to success.  Contrary to popular belief you CAN follow thru on your resolutions.  In order for some of you to reach your goals this year you may need to take the ‘s’ in the word ‘resolution’ and change it to a ‘v’ making the word ‘revolution’.  By definition, a revolution is ‘a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving’!

Perhaps we should call the Spray It Away program the ‘Spray It Away Revolution’!!  I can tell you from personal experience that there have been some drastic changes in many of the ways I think & behave in regards to food…and I’m still learning & growing – sometimes falling but always getting up again!  Whether you are beginning your very 1st round of Spray It Away or whether it’s your 3rd or 4th round …don’t quit until you’ve reached your goal.  For some of you your goal may be reached by following the program for a half round where for others it may be a year and a half plus plan.  Whatever it is – don’t stop believing in yourself.  You can do it!

Here are 3 ways to help ensure that you can and will reach your physical body weight goal:

  1. Have a plan and commit to it wholeheartedly Spray It Away has given you exactly that – a plan and a journal to track it!  You always know where you are and how you are doing.  Commitment is key. Daily make the decision to follow the plan and you WILL reach your goal!
  2. Ask your family & friends & co-workers to support you in your goal to reach your ideal weight This is SO powerful!  When you have people on your side supporting you, encouraging you, & keeping you accountable they can be a tremendous motivation to help you stay on program.  If you do not have this support then learn to encourage yourself.  Write & post notes for yourself such as; “You can do it!”, “You’re looking awesome!”, “You are strong!”, “I’m worth it!”, or “I’m taking care of me!”
  3. Keep your goals in front of you always Write your ultimate goal down & read it everyday.  See yourself already reaching it.  Post a picture of yourself at your heaviest to remind you where you started & where you never want to be again.  Also, post a picture of what you will look like when you reach your goal.  It could be a picture of yourself from years past or a picture of someone who you’d like to look like. Write reminders in all sorts of places: your bedroom closet, bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, in the snack cupboard, on your vehicle visor, at your desk, etc.

“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.”~ T. Harv Eker

As this new year begins I’d like to encourage you to set some ‘revolutions’!  Take time to plan and prepare to become a better ‘you’ in every area of your life!

We wish you all the best!  And again…Happy New Year!!

🙂 Christine


Merry Christmas everyone!

Over the next few days you’ll be coming in contact with friends, family & acquaintances that you may not have seen for some time.  Many of them will be astonished at how you’ve changed!!  Give them a gift that doesn’t cost you a cent (in fact, you could actually make some! See our affiliate program for details).  Share how they, too, can win at the losing game!  Send them to –  they will be forever grateful!
Merry Christmas!
🙂 Christine

The world gets BRIGHTER as we get LIGHTER!

I saw this phrase online somewhere & it stuck with me.  It really is true!  As I began losing weight & getting lighter the world DID seem to get brighter. I had more energy, I felt better about myself, and I began to feel that if I could conquer this I could conquer anything! As I began to release and get rid of my physical excess body weight I found that I also began to release weight in other areas of my life.  I began to desire to get rid of clutter & excess in every area. Wow! I am so excited and proud to say that through this journey not only has my physical body changed but my emotional, spiritual, financial and mental lives have been affected positively as well.

I wish you all the best as your world becomes brighter!

🙂 Christine


What’s Sleep got to do with it?

Yesterday, our family was having a conversation about sleep.  Our 16 year old son, figured that there’s no difference between going to bed at 10pm and getting up at 6am or going to bed at 1 or 2 am and sleeping in until 10 or 11am, in fact if you calculate the number of hours you’d be in bed sleeping you’d actually get more following his weekend preference!  He also figured that my comment of ‘you get better sleep before midnight’ must be one of those ‘mother myths’!

Hmmm… what could I say? Good thing I had my iPhone & I could ‘google’ for some answers immediately!

Thanks to the internet I have found more than enough information to pass along!  Dave keeps reminding me that blogs are not research papers or long articles.  So today I’ll try to give you nuggets instead!

  • People cannot long survive without air, water, and sleep. –Thomas Szasz, M.D.
  • Sleep (or lack thereof) can affect your mood, your mental alertness, your work performance and your energy level.  Even your relationships with others are affected
  • If you deprive yourself of sleep you are harming your health and you’ll pay for it in the long run.
  • Sleep will help with fat loss
  • Sleeping doesn’t have any calories!!
  • Two main hormones responsible for appetite and feeling full: Ghrelin & Leptin.  When sleep is restricted ghrelin levels go up and leptin levels go down increasing your appetite for high calorie, dense foods leading to increased belly fat.
  • Top two rules for waking up refreshed: get enough hours of sleep for your unique body (7-9 hrs) and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Generally, the more sleep you receive before midnight, the better you’ll feel in the morning.  The Centre for Integrated Healing says, “From a complementary medicine perspective, an hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep after midnight, because sleep before midnight optimizes melatonin production.”
  • Here are twelve secrets for getting more good-quality, restful sleep.
  • Relying on coffee or energy drinks to help keep you awake or give you energy will eventually overstimulate your endocrine glands
  • Sleep is critical in balancing out your cortisol (stress hormone) levels.  Cortisol causes you to store fat & burn muscle – the exact opposite of what you want.
  •  A test study was done with 15 people following a very strict diet and a specific nightly sleep requirement. One group slept 51/2 -6 hrs a night and the second group slept 81/2-9 hours a night.  Their results?  Both groups had similar weight loss however when they compared body composition analysis the group receiving less sleep had lost more lean muscle compared to the group who slept longer who lost a greater amount of fat.

One final thing!  In answer to my son’s comments I went to Wikipedia & found the following graph & information.  It is an overview of the biological circadian clock in humans.  Perhaps my comments were not a ‘mother’s myth’ after all!

🙂 Christine

PS Make an investment into your health – get your sleep!


I’m finished Phase 2….now what?

A lot of you have either reached Phase 3 or are nearing it so I thought I’d talk about how to enter Phase 3 successfully! First of all I want to congratulate you on sticking to protocol and completing Phase 2! Way to go…you are now half-way through the Spray It Away Program. Now onto part 2…! This Phase is extremely important to your overall success in losing weight. It is during this Phase that you reset your metabolism, your hypothalamus and your new body weight set point. During this phase you may also find that your body continues to re-shape & re-sculpt!

Please make sure that you’ve read the Phase 3 Guide before you get to Phase 3. You want to know what to expect & you want to be ready for this new phase. One of the keys to success in any area of your life is to know where you are going & how you will get there. Preparation therefore is crucial. So… read the journal & perhaps talk to others who have already made it to Phase 3 before you!

First of all you will need to know how many calories your body needs to maintain your new weight so use the calculations in the journal. You may find it helpful to also read Dave’s Blog for October 2nd – P3 Daily Calorie Needs Remember that according to Dr. Simeons, NOBODY will be eating less than 1500 calorie during this stabilization & maintenance phase – even if your calculations say otherwise. And… No… you will not need to count calories for the rest of your life! This is a learning and experimental time-period for you. You will be getting used to what works best for your unique body.

For the first two to three days in Phase 3A you will continue to eat from the 500 calorie protocol list of foods(or 800 protocol if you are following that one). Then begin to increase your proteins (ie – triple). You may now add lots of new fruits & new vegetables to your diet (feel free to mix them now) making sure to follow the Food Guide Instructions in the Journal. Some people may want to gradually ramp up to their calorie intake within the first week, while others may simply want to go to their allotted caloric intake immediately. It’s up to you. Listen to your body but make sure that you are at your caloric needs within the first week.

Now you may begin to slowly add new items into your daily diet. The key is to begin adding them in quite slowly–so you can see if they affect you negatively or positively. You may now begin to eat all kinds of proteins, fruits & vegetables. Now you can begin cooking with butter & oils. You may add in dairy items – see how milk, plain yogurt, cheeses affect you. Do you gain if you start eating nuts & seeds or nut butters? Perhaps you might want to try almonds–see how your body reacts to them by way of how much of an increase/decrease in weight etc. This is a very experimental time and can be a lot of fun. Don’t get too worried! If you gain the next morning look back at your journal & see if you can spot why. Then back off the new item & perhaps try again later. Our daughter found that some dairy products affect her weight. This does not mean that she will never eat them again…she is now aware and so every once in a while she will have a ‘no dairy day’.

You may find it very beneficial to use an online calorie counter. There are many good ones out there. I have chosen to use the free version of Not only does it calculate my calories easily but it also tracks my ratio of proteins to fats to carbs. Especially during Phase 3A (the Stabilization period) I have found it crucial to keep my protein percentages high. I usually run my proteins around 38-40%, fats a little lower and my carbs the lowest. Dave finds his body works best keeping his protein around 40-50%. Again…every BODY is unique!

Always remember the rule that during the first 3 weeks (Phase 3A) you will not be eating any sugars or starches. Once you get to Phase 3B SLOWLY begin to add in starchy items such as breads, grains, some vegetables and now you can also begin adding in sugars such as honey, agave syrup, etc. Watch what your weight does & deal accordingly. If you ever go 2 lbs above your LSW (last spray weight) be sure to perform a Steak Day (you can also read about it in Dave’s Steak Day blog)

Happy stabilizing everyone!

🙂 Christine


Cheating is NOT WORTH IT!!!

One of the huge benefits to taking time for my walk(s) each day is that not only does it do my body good but it also does my soul good!  It gives me time to think, meditate, imagine, contemplate, process, create… This morning was no exception.  I usually have my iPhone with me to keep track of the time, listen to an audio or to music, jot down t0-do’s or ideas, text or talk.

This morning I texted David telling him that I had lost 1.4 lbs this morning!  I was so pumped! Then I proceeded to lament “Why, oh why did I cheat over the last 2 weeks!  Why did I do that?  Where could I be today if I hadn’t been cheating?”  I don’t know whether any of you have been there or not…?! I figured maybe some of you have or perhaps I can help some of you to not have to experience this by sharing my experience with you. So… I had begun to cheat and make excuses for doing so.  What was I thinking??

Looking back over my weight loss journey I noted that during my first 2 rounds I didn’t even dare to think of cheating!  How silly would that be!  There’s a protocol to follow.  A specific way to do things in order to get the desired results so of course the right thing to do would be to follow the program!  That’s how it works! But…somehow this time around has been different.  I know I could come up with all sorts of reasons & excuses to tell you but I think it pretty much comes down to lack of focus & commitment to my goal and purpose.  I had become semi satisfied with where I was at.  I mean… look at how far I’ve come! Part of the problem was that when people would say “you look great – you don’t need to lose any more weight” I would allow my mind to hear their words when I was tempted instead of listening to the truth that I knew every time I would  look in the mirror or see the numbers on the scale or try to hide the pounds I still have to lose! Yes, it’s true, I have come a long way and I never want to forget to celebrate & congratulate myself on what I’ve accomplished so far but… I’m not done!  I want to finish what I’ve started.

I was chatting with my friend, Deanna, the other day and one of the comments she made about this very topic was…”You’re supposed to ‘spray it away’ not ‘waste it away’!  Good point!  Why ‘waste’ money, time, energy and emotions following the protocol only part of the way? Cheating never gives long term satisfaction – it always causes you more grief than its worth!

As I thought about ‘cheating’ a poem was brought to mind.  Robert Fulghum wrote “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”.  (Great poem – you can read it here)  Didn’t we learn in Kindergarten that cheating was wrong and that there would always be consequences if we chose to go that route?!   Over the last two weeks I’ve had to deal with the consequences of cheating.  No fun – 😦 For a few days I thought I could get away with it.  I actually lost weight the first day but then I stayed the same, then I gained, then stayed the same, then dropped, then gained – what a roller coaster!   It was so easy to grab “just a few” almonds here, some raisins there, a ‘taste’ of mashed potatoes here, ‘one bite’ of a cookie there.   It shouldn’t really matter should it?  But the numbers don’t lie.  All in all over 2 weeks of following protocol properly but adding ‘cheats’ here & there my weight had basically stayed the same.  Wow – typically 14 days would mean a 7-9 lb weight loss for me and this time it was a big fat ‘0’!  What a waste!  I tell you, once you begin to cheat it becomes easier to do it again and again.  That can lead to a never ending cycle!  Do I regret it? You bet!

You may be wondering why even just a small cheat can affect your weight so drastically.  According to Dr. Simeons: “… the blood is saturated with food and the blood volume has adapted itself so that it can only just accommodate the 500 Calories which come in from the intestinal tract in the course of the day. Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to increase its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it can only do in a very diluted form. Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body must retain to accommodate this food.”

So you may be asking – Now what!?

I believe that each new day can be a fresh start!  Isn’t that awesome!  Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, & then move on!  Remember that this is a journey.  It’s one step at a time.  If you stop, move on.  If you step backwards start stepping forwards again.  On a daily basis read your goals.  Become accountable to a friend.  As much as you can remove temptation.  Quit beating up on yourself, instead believe in yourself & look forward to reaching your goal!

Five days ago I re-committed to my goals & my purpose for losing the extra weight and I’m pleased to announce that over the last 5 days I’ve lost 5 lbs!  Wouldn’t you know it – the protocol works!

So what happens when there is a special event in your life which includes food?  You have three choices… but that’s another day’s topic!

In conclusion, I just want to say… DONT CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s NOT WORTH IT!!!


Every BODY is Unique!

Everybody is unique & special and so is every BODY! We all know that this statement is true however, have you ever considered this with regards to how you personally eat? I hadn’t thought much about it either – until recently.  Let me share how some of the ‘light bulbs turned on’, so to speak!

Dave & I have been living in Phase 4 over the last while and we’ve been on the hunt to learn how to keep the weight from coming back on.  We realize that the new weight that we’ve achieved is not really ‘ours’ yet.  Until we have permanently stabilized it (which takes time and continued effort) we must be careful.  Our bodies are at a very vulnerable state and they are prone to weight rebound. This is not the time for us to sit back and relax now that we have lost the weight…but that’s another day’s blog!

So, back to how what we eat affects us.  Not long ago a friend gave us a book about Body Types.  Did you know that your hands, face, and figure tell all about your body functions based on your hormone-endocrine system. By following a few key guidelines and eating specific foods based on your body type you can improve your metabolism, your overall health, and your shape.

Then I came across another book regarding Blood Types.  Did you know that your blood type reflects your internal chemistry.  It actually determines the way you absorb nutrients!  Depending on your blood type certain foods are absorbed better than others and certain foods can actually be harmful to you.

Did you know that your ancestry & heritage also plays a role in what foods are best for you specifically?  How about the way in which your cells convert nutrients into energy?  Is your body a fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer?  Did you know that the speed at which your body processes what you eat is called your metabolic rate and different foods will either aid or hinder you?

So…does this relate to the Spray It Away Weight Loss Program, you ask? You bet it does!  But must you understand it all before you can follow the program?  NO! NO! NO!  Our program works as it is for everyone who follows it.  This has been tried, tested & is true.  Dr. Simeons’ protocol has worked for thousands upon thousands of people & there are plenty of amazing testimonies that you can read on our site and others.

One of the key things that I love about our program is that you begin to learn what personally works for YOUR body and I believe the above information can actually help  fine-tune your overall results to be the very best that they can be.

Phase 1 is only 2 days long & is pretty well a no-brainer for everyone – load up on high-calorie, high fat foods!  Phase 2 is simple & very easy to follow – choose 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, 2 fruit & 2 starches from the list.  Phase 3 is where you really begin to learn what foods affect your body and how they affect it.  I think this is where the above paragraphs will really begin to play a key role in helping you keep the pounds off.

Before this blog goes on forever 🙂 let me give you one example of how we were able to use our new found knowledge.  Perhaps it will be of help to you!

A while back Dave was chatting with a couple of guys about the results of their “steak days” (If you are unsure of what a “steak day” is you can read about it in our knowledge base by clicking here). He wondered why it was that they would lose 2-4 lbs but he would only lose 1 lb.  As he thought through why Dr Simeons would prescribe a “steak day” he knew it was for the high protein, higher fat content.  Using our new-found knowledge he decided to try a “salmon day” instead – wouldn’t you know it – he dropped 3 lbs!  The next time he needed a “steak day” he tried the “salmon day” again and this time he dropped 3.5 lbs!  You see, now that we knew that his Blood Type was “A” we had learned that he should not be eating red meat on a regular basis.  Up until we knew this Dave had been eating red meat almost every single day!  As you can see his body performed much better for him on a “salmon day” than a “steak day”.  He then decided to go for 2 solid weeks without eating any red meat & to his surprise (but just as the books had said) he felt better overall & also noticed that his energy was higher.

Wow! Isn’t that cool!  Aren’t our bodies so individually unique? As it says in the Bible, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalms 139:19)  That’s for sure!


A New Adventure!

Life is a journey and – for our family – it’s always full of adventure!  We’ve just returned from vacationing in one of Canada’s most beautiful spots… Fairmont, British Columbia! You’ll find Fairmont nestled between the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains in the Columbia Valley – it’s gorgeous! During our week there I’ve been able to relax, do a ton of reading, play games and with family, hike & golf, meet some new friends, get together with more family enjoying a day at the Calgary Stampede… and of course, spend hours in the van driving!

Now that we’re back home I’ve decided on a NEW adventure for me – that of blogging! I’ve been told that blogging is an easy thing to do but, you know how it is…if you’ve never done something before it can be scary!  But they say that to overcome fear you must face it, so…here goes!

As some of you know, Dave & I have been on an incredible journey over the last year – an adventure I must say!  Together we have achieved a weight loss of over 180 lbs – a feat that only a year ago I wouldn’t have even imagined would be possible!  But look at us now!  (Check out our story at if you haven’t read about or seen us for a while.)  It’s because of this amazing change that I’ve been encouraged by some of you to blog about it.  Nothing thrills me more than to see the hope that comes into people’s eyes when we tell them or show them where we’ve come from.  For months now I’ve been able to witness others having success too!  It’s awesome!  I know I don’t have all the answers and I’m definitely not a doctor but  have walked the journey,  I’ve experienced the challenges & the triumphs, and I’m continuing to live it.  I also have the heart & passion to help others if they’ve chosen to take this path.

I trust that perhaps as I spend time sharing what I’ve learned in the past and sharing what I am currently researching that I might encourage & spur others on to become healthier and to ultimately reach their God-given ideal weight!