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  1. erik olson says:

    Hi, my name is Erik Olson. I was on Spray It Away for 1 round, 45 days. I was over weight at 238 lbs, was on high blood preasure pills and having problems with my heart. My knees and back were also giving me problems due to being over weight.

    I went on Spray It Away and lost 45 lbs in 45 days and have maintained my weight at 193 lbs for 50 days and i am loving it. I was on other diet plans in the past and never had any results like this. I walked for 30 to 60 minutes a day. I also am a trucker that sits for very long periods and the weight still came off it works.E. olson.

  2. Wow! This sounds amazing!! Great job! I’m going to be starting this next week! I hope it works for me 🙂

  3. erik olson says:

    I think you will do great just follow the program it is totally amazing!

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