The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 3): Hunger and Hormones- A Vicious Cycle

Sugar impacts the brain just as much as the waistline. In this episode, Dr. Robert Lustig explains the biochemical shifts that sugar causes, making us store fat and feel hungry at the same time. Series: “UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity”


The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 2): Sickeningly Sweet

Dr. Robert Lustig illustrates the overabundance of sugar in today’s processed convenience foods and explains how our bodies metabolize these sugars in the same way as alcohol or other toxins, causing damage to the liver and other organs. Series: “UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity”


The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 1): An Epidemic for Every Body

How did we get so fat, so fast? The debut episode of this 7-part series debunks the theory that obesity only affects the “gluttons and sloths” among us and is, in fact, a public health problem that impacts everyone. Series: “UCTV Prime: The Skinny on Obesity”


Toxins in Your Bathroom?!!!


Am I stalling?

The first week on Spray It Away I lost almost 10 lbs but in the past 2 days I only lost .4 and .2  – without changing anything.  Is this what you consider a stall or have I hit a plateau already?
It is very common for some to experience a huge loss the first week and then slow down to a more consistent loss.  It is also very common for people to begin to lose slow but steady.  Remember that every BODY is unique & different.   Remember, too, that through this process your body is working on both losing pounds AND inches so don’t get discouraged.   Any kind of a drop is great – you are going in the right direction!   I would not consider this a stall or a plateau.
Sometimes your body will stay at the same weight for several days or perhaps even gain.  Don’t be alarmed!  You may have hit a pre-set weight that you have been at in the past & because your body remembers it, it might try to stay there for a few days.  Some other reasons may be: stress, lack of sleep, different time of weigh-in, water retention, Time Of the Month for women, food sensitivity, an increase in salt intake, negative mind-set, weighing right after a shower, change of medications, change of scale location, cheating, eating off protocol, eating red meat too often, not drinking enough water, extreme exercise, fighting a sickness, etc. Don’t worry. Stay persistent and continue (or go back to) protocol & you WILL see a drop again!  If your weight remains the same for 5 days then you may consider doing an ‘apple day’.  However; your body IS still changing even if the numbers on the scale aren’t changing! Instead of thinking these days to be negative think of them as times of re-shaping & re-sculpting as well as setting new habits & new weight points.  Remember to look at your overall weight loss not just that day’s loss.