50 Pounds in 50 Days!

Well, 49.2lbs actually… nice result with very little effort. That’s what I accomplished on my first round of Spray It Away! Then, following protocol I completed my first maintenance phase, successfully maintaining my weight while learning what I can and cannot eat to stay healthy. I am now on round two and have lost another 15 pounds so far: that’s over 65 pounds lost in total since I began on March 1, 2012! And I’m not done yet.

Counting the pounds seems to be what we’ve been taught to do; it’s an easy measure of progress isn’t it? But losing weight is only one small piece of the story. Isn’t it really about improving one’s health and quality of life?

I believe so, and here is a sampling of what improved health via Spray It Away has done for me…

My feet stopped hurting.
My knees stopped hurting.
My neck stopped hurting.
My head stopped hurting.
Where do you hurt?

I don’t run out of breath anymore.
I don’t snore anymore.
I don’t nap anymore.
I don’t have diarrhea anymore.
What is it that you don’t want to do anymore?

My sleep apnea is gone.
My pitted edema is gone.
My chronic bronchitis is gone.
My arthritis doesn’t bother me anymore.
What ails you?

I fit better on airplanes.
I fit into my car better.
I fit into theater seats again.
I fit on the couch with my wife.
Where would you like to fit?

My blood pressure has dropped.
My cholesterol has dropped.
My pulse rate has dropped.
My blood glucose has dropped.
What do you need to drop?

Getting up off the couch is easier.
Picking something up from the floor is easier.
Tying my shoes is easier.
Playing guitar is easier.
Would you like things to be easier?

I am more motivated.
I am more confident.
I am more energetic.
I am more joyful.
What would you like more of?

I walk 5km daily with ease.
I go on bike rides with my daughter.
I can shop for hours.
I can keep up with the kids.
What would you like to participate in?

Grocery shopping is less complicated.
I can shop in “normal” clothing stores again.
Cooking meals is simpler.
I actually want to do things again.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

But best of all; my family is following my lead toward a healthier
lifestyle. And that is priceless!

Healthy or unhealthy? The choice is ours alone to make. Which will you

Feeling great thanks to Spray It Away!
Blair in Vancouver, BC


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