Are You Hungry??

From time to time we have run into people that seem to be hungry all the time when on the spray but that is pretty rare.

There are a larger number of people who tell us that they experience hunger from time to time.  It is interesting that this group of people are slowly learning that they are having to decipher between true hunger and actual cravings.  There is no doubt that our bodies have cravings for certain foods that we have been addicted to in the past.  These withdrawals can cause cravings that appear to most of us as hunger.  So what should we do about hunger and cravings?

Avoid Temptations
It is probably good to avoid going out to restaurants with friends during Phase 2.  Stay away from those places you used to hang out and eat foods that you know are not good for you.  Ice cream shops, fast food restaurants, are probably just the beginning of what to avoid this summer.  Instead have some friends over to your home and have a BBQ with the right portion of meat and a favorite vegetable from your list and enjoy the time with friends more that the memories of foods.

Go to bed earlier
This is one thing I learn’t early on is that my weakness was late night eating.  To combat this I just started to go to bed earlier and then get up earlier.  Amazing that in the morning I was not hunger until about 10:30 so obviously I was not really hunger the night before but the craving and habits I had developed were flooding my brain.

Eat Shirataki Noodles
This is one of the best answers.  Get yourself some zero calorie Shirataki noodles.  You can eat them in unlimited amounts on Phase 2 so learn to cook some of the meals on the website and create some of your own.  They help to make you feel full and do not effect your weight loss.

So there you have 3 ideas if you struggle with hunger or cravings.

Now Spray It Away and enjoy a healthier, happier life.