Too Heavy to Weigh in?

Most people do not step onto a weigh scale very often. Some people don’t want to know their weight and others do not have a scale that goes high enough.

We recommend that everyone get a good quality DIGITAL scale. These are the most accurate that you can buy.

One problem some people have is that their scale does not weigh high enough. I experienced this when I started as the scale we had went to a maximum of 310 lbs so we had to buy another scale because I did not know what I weighed?!

If you can not find a scale that can weigh you in there is another solution. Buy 2 scales. Don’t be embarrassed as this is just what needs to be done. Place one foot on each scale and then add the 2 numbers together. IT WORKS.

Have a big celebration (not with food) when you can finally weigh in on a single scale. Hope this helps a few of you.