Why Do I Need The Spray

Many of us have heard people scoff at the "800 Calorie/day diet! — Of COURSE you’d lose weight! Who wouldn’t?" — The differences are:

Low Calorie Diet WITHOUT Spray It Away:

  1. You are likely to lose as much weight without it than with it!
  2. Very few people can maintain a VLCD for 42 days without Spray It Away.
  3. After the 42 days, because you’ll have only eliminated muscle or normal or structural fat, you’ll look gaunt.
  4. Your body will quickly regain the weight to get back to its normal-fat state.

Low Calorie Diet WITH Spray It Away:

  1. You see "drastic" weight reduction and inches lost
  2. It happens quickly (42 days)
  3. It’s safe
  4. It’s comfortable
  5. It targets abnormal fat
  6. Precisely because it targets abnormal fat, you maintain your reduction with relative ease




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