Xtreme X2O Videos

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Extreme X2O Water…..Why do you need it?

Listen to Dr. Mike talk about Xooma Worldwide and Extreme X2O Water. Balance your bodies PH Level and attain the ultimate in health and wellness.

How To Use Xtreme X2O

In this demonstration we show evidence of how Xtreme X2O adds vital minerals & electrolytes to your water in just a matter of minutes.

Got Minerals?

Transforming your water with Xtreme X2O is easy. This video will show you how. (Sorry about the low quality).

How Acidic is Soda?

This video demonstration gives you an idea of just how hard your body must work to neutralize the acids in an acidic beverage like soda.

pH Power?

In this demonstration you’ll see how Xtreme X2O dramatically raises the alkalinity level of your water.

Say "No" to Chlorine

In this video you’ll witness one of the ways Xtreme X2O can greatly improve the quality of standard “tap water” by neutralizing the chlorine typically found in tap water.


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