Tips for Phase 3 & 4

  1. Meticulously maintain a food journal. If you have fluctuations on certain days you can track back in your journal to see if there are certain foods that your body has trouble with and you can correct it. You may also want to note in your journal such things as: had a stressful day, ate late, lack of sleep, extra exercise, etc.
  2. Eat real, clean food: fresh fruits and vegetables, natural fats (olive oil, almonds, real cream, regular salad dressings, coconut oil), fresh grain fed meats that you prepare (seafood, pork, beef, chicken, etc).
  3. Avoid processed meats (especially lunch meats), canned fruits, canned vegetables and packaged meals. Go for raw, frozen and minimally cooked as much as possible.
  4. Avoid restaurants. If you do ‘eat out’ do not be surprised and don’t panic if you have gained a couple of pounds. There are often hidden starches and sugars in their foods so your body will likely retain water because of it.
  5. Try to include a protein with whatever you are eating throughout your day. (i.e. If you are having celery as a snack – add some cheese or peanut butter).
  6. Avoid foods and drinks that have ingredients you do not recognize or cannot pronounce.
  7. Continue to drink a lot of water. It is good for you and helps your body function efficiently.
  8. If you are buying packages of organic nut/fruit mixes to use for snacks, when you get home divide them into servings to store. That way you know exactly how much you have consumed. This will help if you have trouble maintaining weight.
  9. When choosing snacks, pay closer attention to the sugar (other than the natural sugar found in fruits) than the fat. The only time to choose a low fat option is with dairy (except for yogurt). This is because with dairy the fat has not been replaced with sugar in order it make it non-fat or low-fat.


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