Shirataki Noodles – Miracle Noodles

You are allowed to add Shiritaki yam noodles (not the tofu ones as they have calories) to your P2 diet! They have 0 fat and 0 calories.

The liquid they come in smells awful so rinse them well. They absorb whatever flavor you cook them with. You may purchase Shirataki yam noodles from your local Asian market and will find them in the cooler.

If you can not get them at a local market you may order them here…

Thanks to our members who let us know where to buy these in their cities:

Winnipeg, MB.

  • Lucky Supermarket – 1051 Winnipeg Ave
  • Young’s Market – 1000 McPhillips St
  • Oriental Market – 268 King St
  • Young’s Trading – 397 William Ave, downtown
  • ING Supermarket – 1873 Pembina Hwy

Selkirk, MB.

  • Grandma Carol’s – 240 Main Street



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