Plateaus & Stalls

You can expect stalls or plateaus or even sometimes a gain – they do happen. Don’t be alarmed. Any of the following could be a reason – different time of weigh-in, lack of sleep, water retention, body pre-set weight, Time Of the Month, food sensitivity, an increase in salt intake, weighing right after a shower, change of scale location, cheating, eating off protocol, etc. Don’t worry. Continue (or go back to) protocol & you WILL see the drop! Your body is still working even if the numbers aren’t changing! So instead of thinking these days to be negative think of them as times of re-shaping & re-sculpting.

To Break a Plateau:

    1. Increase the amount of water you are drinking.
    2. Drink green tea once or twice a day.
    3. Reduce the amount of beef you are eating.
    4. Consider not eating tomatoes, cabbage and shrimp as they can stall some people.
    5. Check all condiments being used for any form of sugar, syrup or starch.
    6. Understand that for women, your menstrual cycle may be affecting the rate of weight loss.
    7. Understand that changing or starting new medications can cause a plateau.
    8. Consider an "Apple Day" for a serious plateau (5 days or longer)
    9. Make a point to go for a good walk every day.
    10. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

A stall may mean a "pre-set" which is a weight your body has been set at before. Your body loves this place and does NOT want you to change what it likes. Dr. Simeons says that a pre-set can take from 10 days to 2 weeks to get past!

Don’t get discouraged & don’t give up!
You WILL get past this!
You WILL drop more weight.
You WILL put this pre-set behind you!



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