We never advise anyone to stop taking prescription medications. There are no contraindication with Iny medications and HCG.
If you HAVE to take it – take it. If you don’t – then don’t. Always check with your doctor.
If you choose to take them – just do not eat/drink/take/apply/smoke anything during the “Golden 1/2 hour” – 15 minutes before or after you spray.
If your medications have a sugar coating try to get tablets or capsules for the time you are on HCG without sugar as the coating affects the protocol.
There are NO contraindicated medications that would interfere with the spray. However, STRONG medicines may overpower homeopathic remedies and make the spray less effective. What constitutes ‘strong’ is unknown. Just take want you NEED to take, and don’t take what you do not need to take.



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