Introduction to Phase 3 & 4

Congratulations on completing Phase
2 – the first half of the Spray It Away Weight Loss Program. You are well on
your way to becoming healthier and for many people a lot happier too.
If you have followed the protocol properly, we are confident that you have had
great results and most certainly want to KEEP OFF the weight you have now lost.
Do not think that you have now achieved your goal? Yes, you have
dropped the weight but you want to keep it off, right? Of course you do.
Follow Phase 3 & 4 VERY closely and retrain your body to live at the new
weight you now find yourself at. Do not fall into temptations. Be strong and
win this battle once and for all.
The biggest mistake people make when starting Phase 3 is not eating enough
food because they do not want to gain the weight back. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE!
If you eat too little YOU WILL begin to gain because your body believes
you are starving it and it will hold on to everything you put into it.
So how do you start? First, you must realize that your body has changed. You
have made significant strides forward to put your body back into its natural
state. In order to keep off the weight you have to learn to live and eat differently
than you did when you put on the weight.
Today your body is vulnerable as you enter Phase 3 and your weight is unstable.
These next 6 weeks are the most important part of your journey as you
Stabilize your weight in Phase 3 and then teach your body to Maintain your new
weight in Phase 4.
This website will show you a step-by-step process that will assist you, guide you,
and help you on this next phase of your journey. The more you put into it the
more you will get out of it.
Phase 3 is 3 weeks of Stabilization and Phase 4 is 3 weeks of Maintenance.

These phases are extremely important.

Phase 3 is designed to reset your hypothalamus and body weight set point.
Successful execution and completion of this Phase…

  • Resets your metabolism higher
  • Resets your hunger lower and
  • Resets your hypothalamus so that in the future it does not store fat in the
    abnormal fat reserves.

Your results will show your commitment
Your commitment will show in your results



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