Interuption of Protocol

If an occasion arises that you need to take a break from the protocol, you may
need to take a ‘planned interruption’. Understand that you will most likely gain
weight but when you resume the protocol this weight will come off again. Be very
careful and be sure to make wise choices during this interruption. You do not
want to gain unnecessary weight or re-gain the pounds you’ve so diligently
worked towards losing.
If the interruption is less than 4 days – no change is needed, just spray as
If the interruption is greater than 4 days but less than 2 weeks you should stop
spraying 2 days before you leave for your trip (or whatever it is you are doing).
Continue eating 800 calories for the first 2 or 3 days you are off the spray, then
increase your calories to 1000 for the next few days. Finally, increase
your calories to a maximum of 1500 per day for the remaining days of your
‘planned interruption’. At the end of your trip, take the spray again the night you
return and begin the 800 calorie protocol in the morning.



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