The ingredients listed on the bottle say 80% distilled water and 20% corn alcohol. 

Spray It Away is homeopathic and contains the ‘Magnetic Energy Signature’ of HCG.  Each bottle contains the same ‘Energy Profile’ of HCG in multiple potencies (6c / 12c / 30c) imprinted onto a solution of Steam Distilled Water (80%) and Alcohol (20%).  Since an ‘energy signature’ cannot be listed as a physical ingredient it isn’t on the ‘ingredients list’ on the label.

Most traditional homeopathic-style remedies start with a VERY minute amount of the original substance and then dilute it and shake it until all that’s left is this ‘energy profile’ of the original substance. When you buy homeopathic HCG drops that list ‘HCG’ as an ingredient, they do so only because there is a microscopic amount in there due to how it’s made, but it is completely negligible and it is NOT why it works.

The way Spray It Away is made is NOT with this method of diluting/shaking until there’s practically nothing left. We use a much more technologically advanced process that copies the ‘energy signature’ onto the solution electronically with special equipment.  The liquid in the bottle is only a ‘delivery system’ for this energy signature.



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