Hunger or Cravings

To combat hunger or cravings first of all determine if it really is hunger or if it is
a craving? Could it actually be old habits kicking in? Boredom? Are you thirsty
or is your body dehydrated? Are you stressed?

Here are some ideas that may help: drink water or tea, go for a walk, call a
friend, write or read your weight loss goals, avoid temptation (remove yourself
from the kitchen and any of those tempting cupboards!), go to bed earlier, if it’s
time to eat make sure you do.

If you are truly hungry it may be time to eat your next meal. You can increase
your vegetable amounts and add into your recipes Miracle or Shirataki noodles
(‘0’ calorie yam noodles). The noodles will add volume to your meal and will
also add more fibre to your diet. Make sure to rinse them well before heating
and adding them to your meal. They will take on whatever flavour or seasoning
that you mix with them. Take note to see whether they do or do not affect your
weight the next morning.

If you have excessive hunger it is usually due to a lack of minerals in your system. We recommend a good mineral supplement like X2O or Colloidal Minerals.




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