Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suggested usage?
Place one (1) X2O sachet in 18-24 ounces of distilled or good water, shake for 10-15 seconds, and wait 5 minutes before drinking. You may use 1, 2, or 3 sachets per day as desired (X2O granules do not dissolve in water).


How many Xtreme X2O sachets are there in each individual foil pouch?
Each foil pouch contains six X2O sachets.

How many foil pouches should I receive with a 30-sachet supply of X2O?
Since each foil pouch contains six sachets, you’ll receive a total of 5 foil pouches in every 30-sachet order.

How many X2O sachets should I use per day?
If you’re looking for optimal health benefits, we suggest using one sachet in a bottle of purified water in the morning and another sachet in late afternoon or early evening.
“Minimum Usage” is defined as one sachet per day. (NOTE: For best results, do not combine a used sachet with a fresh sachet in the same bottle of water.)

Do I tear open the X2O sachet or just float it in water?
Your X2O sachets are designed to float in your bottle or glass just like a tea bag. The vital minerals and nutrients in X2O will flow out of the sachet and transform your water (or other non-carbonated beverage) within 5-10 minutes.

What type of beverage is best to use with Xtreme X2O?
For best results, we recommend using one X2O sachet in 18-24 ounce bottle of purified water (distilled, reverse osmosis, etc.). Chilled or room temperature water will provide the best taste.

What type of material is used to make the Xtreme X2O water bottle?
Our bottles are made from G.E.’s Lexan brand “non-leaching,” # 7 type resin. This material used to make our bottles is compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for safety.

Does X2O have any side affects?
Considering the fact that Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic, marine mineral complex there are virtually no negative effects of taking the product. The only known “side effects,” are more frequent trips to the washroom (due to increased hydration throughout the body), and some people (based on their health) may experience very mild detoxification symptoms as the cells begin to release stored toxins and waste from the body.

Many people have reported positive “side effects” such as better sleep, reduction of headaches, reduced muscle and joint pain, and weight loss after using the product for a period of time.

If someone is taking prescribed medication, can they also take X2O?
We always recommend that people check with their trusted health practitioner (preferably one who is knowledgeable on natural products) if they are concerned about potential side effects of prescription medication when taking a dietary supplement.
If consuming essential minerals (such as calcium & magnesium), drinking more water, or increasing the body’s healthy pH level is a concern for you, you should check with your trusted health professional before taking X2O. That being said, we have not had any reports of negative interactions with prescription medication.

How much Xtreme X2O is most effective for me ?
An individual’s size, dietary habits, level of hydration (or dehydration), activity level, and overall state of health will determine how much X2O is most effective for them. Minimum use for everyone is defined as one sachet per day. Suggested use is two sachets per day. Advanced use is three sachets per day. We suggest that each individual determine what’s best for them based on their own personal experience



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