E + Selenium

E+Selenium – Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant, protects our cells from free radical damage caused by pollutants, chemicals and even the air we breathe. Selenium is an essential trace mineral that aids vitamin E in cell protection.

Retail Price: $24.97


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin known to protect cells from damage caused by pollutants, radiation, certain chemicals and even oxygen in the air we breathe. Vitamin E also protects the thymus gland, and white blood cells from damage; and protects the immune system from damage during times of oxidative stress and chronic viral illness.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral needed for the production of glutathione peroxidase, a natural antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Selenium assists vitamin E in preventing free radical damage, cardiovascular disease, premature aging and cataract formation. The two form a partnership that helps create a healthier you.

Product Info

  • Protection for your cells
  • Two “super” nutrients in one spray
  • Great taste

Suggested Usage

  • Shake gently.
  • Spray directly into mouth, 8 spray per day.
  • Suggested use – 2 sprays, 4 times a day OR 4 sprays, 2 times a day.



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