Cosmetics & Toiletries

It is advised that you reduce the amount of products you put on your skin especially
during Phase 2. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and
whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. Please use OIL
FREE lotions and personal body care products for optimum weight loss results.
This applies to everything used on the body during the program such as face
and body lotions, cleansers, soaps, body washes, make-up and men’s shaving
products. IMPORTANT! Read all cosmetic & toiletry labels.
Don’t use anything on your skin or hair if it has organic oils (something that
grows – plants, trees, bushes, fish, animals) or essential oils in it (i.e. Vitamin
E, Omega 3’s, Mint, Tea tree oil, Lavender, Citrus oil). Some herbal remedies
may interfere with Spray It Away, so please do not use them while on this protocol.
Strong smelling products such as Menthol, Aroma Therapy and Eucalyptus
also may interfere with your results.
You may use anything made with a petroleum product. ie: mineral oil, baby oil,
vaseline. You may use anything that you rinse right off or rinse right out.

The list below is of some suggested items that you may use during Phase 2:


Oil-free base / foundation lines
Bare Essentials
Max Factor Pancake
Raw Minerals

Make-up Removers & Face Soaps

Arbonne ˆ All Botanical Based Skin Care
Neutrogena Oil Free Cream Cleanser
Witch Hazel

Skin & Lip Moisturizers & Lotions

Alba Oil Free Facial Moisturizer
Aloe Vera 100% Gel
Baby Oil (basically mineral oil)
Coconut Oil (cold pressed, not expeller pressed)
Corn Huskers Lotion
Curel Continuous Comfort, Fragrance Free
Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Body, Massage and Hair
Kiss My Face Oil Free Moisturizer
Mineral Oil
Neutrogena Oil Free Facial Lotion
St. Ives Vanilla Lotion

Lip Balm

ChapStick Classic
Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly, Advanced Formula
Vaseline Lip Therapy Cherry


Both perfumes and cologne are made with essential oils tho’ perfumes have a higher concentration of essential oils than cologne. You may read up on by visiting  If you must, it would be a good idea to use cologne instead of perfume while on HHCG. Remember: Do not use during the ‘golden’ 1/2 hour (15 minutes before or after spraying).


Baking Soda
Spry Toothpaste
All major brands (Colgate, Crest, etc – the mint used is fake – this includes the mouthwashes)
DO NOT use Tom’s of Maine Mint Toothpaste which has actual Mint in it

Shampoo & Conditioners

Aubrey Organics
Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Body, Massage and Hair
Life Extension
Magik Botanicals Oil Free Shampoo and Conditioner
Mastey Products
Natures Gate Alovera


Baking Soda
Crystalux Crystal Deodorant
Crystal Deodorant Stick
Thai Deodorant Stick
Gilette Clear Gel


Baking Soda


Aveeno Oil Free Sunscreen
Clarins Oil Free Sun Care Spray SPF 15
Copportone Oil Free Sun Block for Faces SPF 30
Copportone Oil Free Sun Block Lotion
Ocean Potion Sport Xtreme Sun Block Water and Sweat
Oil Free Sport Xtreme Sun Block
Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil Free sun products
Zia Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 15



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