Common Errors to Avoid

  1. Eating sugars and starches. Some fruits are very high in sugar (bananas, grapes, melons, pineapple). Some vegetables are very high in starch (potatoes, corn, peas, black, pinto, lima beans, etc.). This is why you will see these foods listed as either “C” (Cautionary) or “N” (Not Allowed) in the Food Guide. Always read labels. Some brands will include sugars or starches in their products while others will not. Your weight may fluctuate due to getting unintentional sugar and starch in foods.
  2. Staying on the 800 calorie diet too long. This stage is to train your body how to burn as many calories as possible and maintain the new lower weight. Your body no longer has Spray It Away in it and needs many more calories and will set the calorie count to what you are eating (i.e. if you are only eating 1000 calories per day that will be what your body sets as its requirement).
  3. Not eating enough protein. Whey protein shakes can help you get additional protein but should not be used to replace normal protein sources.
  4. Not realizing or understanding how critical Phase 3 & 4 are to your overall success. Make sure you follow the complete Spray It Away Program – losing, stabilizing and maintaining your weight are all key components. Do not underestimate the importance of this Phase or you may undo what you have worked so hard to achieve in Phase 2!



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