Picture all the energy you want at your finger tips! B12 spray vitamin is known for converting fat, carbohydrates and proteins to energy and also works with folate in many body processes, including the synthesis of DNA, red blood cells, and the insulation sheath that surrounds nerve cells

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Picture all the energy you want at your finger tips with VitaMist Spray Vitamin B12.
Government studies show the intake of vitamin B12 by Americans is less than 70% of the reference daily value (DV). In order to absorb the small amounts of vitamin B12 found in food, the stomach secretes intrinsic factor, a special digestive secretion.
VitaMist Spray Vitamins, B12 spray bypasses the stomach and provides a more direct and convenient method of absorption. Vitamin B12 supplements are highly recommended for vegetarians, as this vitamin is found in significant quantities only in animal foods (e.g. lamb, beef & fish).
Vitamin B12 is a relatively “new” vitamin, first identified as recently as 1948. It has many beneficial effects; for example, it is involved in the synthesis of DNA (the genetic material that makes us who and what we are), it helps to make red blood cells, and it is important in the formation of the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates nerve cells. The myelin sheath helps to transmit signals along the nerve cells.

Vitamin B12 is found primarily in meat (especially organ meats such as liver). Our daily requirement is very small, but government studies show that the American intake from their diet is less than 70% of the reference daily value (DV). Not only is our intake below recommended levels, but as we get older, our ability to absorb B12 from the diet decreases due to lower secretion of “intrinsic factor” and the onset of other digestive complaints.

If you are a vegetarian, it is essential that you take a vitamin B12 supplement, because the usual dietary source of vitamin B12 are organ meats like liver, and dairy products.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be devastating, and it has been associated with numerous health problems; from anemia with associated lethargy, to impaired memory, peripheral neuropathy, irritability, depression, dementia, psychosis, certain types of mental disorder, insomnia, stress, and even bursitis.

Other groups at particular risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency include bariatric surgery patients and the elderly. The deficiency occurs because of an inability to absorb the vitamin from dietary intake. The following excerpt from a Medical Journal indicated just how serious B12 deficiency can be: “Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common but under-recognized, yet easily treatable disorder in older adults. Although several causes exist, food cobalamin malabsorption is now believed to be the most common etiology. Complications of vitamin B12 deficiency are myriad, ranging from lethargy and weight loss to dementia. Causes of deficiency include failure to separate vitamin B12 from food protein, inadequate ingestion, absorption, utilization, and storage as well as drug-food interactions” (Dharmarajan TS, Adiga GU, Norkus EP. Vitamin B12 deficiency: Recognizing subtle symptoms in older adults. Geriatrics. 2003;58:30-38).

Product Info

  • Gives you more energy.
  • Freshens breath.
  • B12 spray provides a more direct and convenient method of absorption.
  • B12 deficiency causes (pernicious) anemia.

Suggested Usage

  • Shake gently.
  • Spray directly into mouth, 8 spray per day.
  • Suggested use – 2 sprays, 4 times a day OR 4 sprays, 2 times a day.



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