1. can i tan in a tanning bed while on the spray

    • Tanning should not be a problem. The problem would typically arise if you want to use lotions or oils with essential oils in them – that would not be recommended.

      • thank you i will just do less min without lotions,i have lost 13 pounds in just 3 days yiii thats all i have to say to that
        and the recipes there is the one chill one it say 1000 g and that makes 10 meals how much do i weight in g for one meal 100g

      • When you have completed cooking your recipe just divide it into 10 portions. I think it is about a heaping half cup each but you will have to see for yourself.

      • thank you ,one more qu can i go in hot tubs while on spray there is on oils in it just cleaning stuff like clorin bleach

      • It is up to you. One problem with hot tubs is that the chemicals absorb into our body through our skin and they are not good for us. Not sure if it will effect the spray but suggest limiting your exposure to hot tubs.

      • k when i am done the 21 days on spray can the 3 days I have to stay on the 500 cal can i have coffee right when i an done the spray

      • Yes, that should be fine!! Enjoy 🙂

  2. I what to take a haircut and color my hair is that going to be alright if I am on the spay I know we have to watch the shampoo we use and don’t know if I can that or not -Barb

  3. I read that I can’t have the spray beside cell phones and I had it in my purse put it beside the microwave for an hour and the microwave got used in that time hope the spray is still ok really worries me , but I have lost now 19 pounds in 7 days really happy

    • It should be fine. Short term exposure to sources of electricity do not seem to affect the product. Just be careful and really try to minimize this exposure.

      Also congratulations on your success so far. I do not think I know anyone who has lost that amount in just one week.

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