I have a very hard time eating plain meat. Any suggestions??


Hello I am currently doing your program and was curious if Franks Red Hot Sauce could be used, I have a very hard time eating plain meat. Any suggestions??


Glad to hear that you’ve begun your journey to get to your personal ideal weight!  Way to go!
As for Franks Red Hot Sauce.  I don’t personally have any in my fridge so I’m unable to check the ingredients.  If it does not have any sugar, glucose/fructose, high fructose corn syrup, starch or oils in it then go ahead and use it.
With regards to cooking & eating plain meat…don’t do it!!  It’ll turn you off very shortly & you won’t want to follow protocol.  Begin to experiment with herbs, spices & seasonings including salt & pepper. I don’t typically use a pre-mixed seasoning as most of them are filled with sugar, starches, oils & MSG!  Get used to reading labels.
You can even marinate your meats.  I often use balsamic vinegar along with seasonings.  Or I’ll use some of the Walden Farms or Green Valley Ranch 0 calorie products as marinades or sauces. (See the website under weight loss, Phase 2, Walden farms for store locations. You can purchase GVR at Meyer’s Drugs Ltd at 483 William Ave in Winnipeg ) I love the Walden Farms Italian Dressing to cook my chicken in.  I make a stir-fry with Shirataki noodles, chicken & celery & dressing.  Yum!
Have you taken a look at some of the recipes on the site.  There’s not a lot but there’s a few to get started with & then let your mind be creative.  Food needs to taste good!  You don’t have to sacrifice when on protocol.
Hope this helps!  All the best as you follow the program.  We hope to hear about your great results!
🙂 Christine


  1. Dodie Pobihushchyj says:

    If you are looking for Walden products head to Gramma Carol’s on Main Street in Selkirt, Manitoba. It is next to the A&W on Main Street. Very easy to find. It is the best health food store I’ve ever been in! They have a huge assortment of Walden products, all for $5.99 each. Lots of salad dressings, BBQ sauce and the fruit spread is to die for! Lots of organic seasonings

  2. Rebecca Dueck says:

    Our family loves Lawry’s Seasoning Salt but after reading the ingredients I have started making my own. It doesn’t have the large amount of sugar or msg and it’s pretty easy to make. Instead of sugar I use Krisda which is Stevia (found at Safeway in Edmonton). I use this on everything but I especially like this with chicken salad. I cook the cubed chicken in water and seasoning and reduce it until there is very little water and the chicken starts to brown and just keep moving it around until the water is all gone and the chicken is brown. Yummy with romaine lettuce and Walden’s Ceasar Salad Dressing! You can find the receipe for Lawry’s Seasoning Salt on the web and just use Krisda instead of the sugar and cornstarch.

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