P3 – Steak Days

Well good morning Sprayers!!

Over the past few days as I have transitioned into Phase 3 my weight was creeping up from my LSW (Last Spray Weight).

Yesterday morning when I weighed in I was 2.5 above my LSW. You know what that means – STEAK DAY – and it does have to be done that SAME DAY.

For the whole day I just drank my X2O water, took my Vitamist vitamins and waited until supper time.

On steak days I get pretty hungry by late afternoon so I usually have my STEAK about 5pm.

Now after doing many, many steak days over the past year and a half I have learned something very interesting. Most of my friends would lose 1.5 to 4 lbs on a steak day and I always seemed to only lose about 1 – 1.5 lbs. This was a mystery to me until one day when doing research I found that there is a group of people who gain weight easily when eating red meat and that was those with TYPE A blood. I went and got my blood tested and sure enough I was TYPE A.

Then I looked at the reasons why a steak day worked and it was a high protein, high fat portion that seemed to have this effect on the body.

There was one other meat that was not a red meat that I thought would fit the bill for this “steak day” and that was salmon. High protein and high fat (compared to other fish).

I have used my SALMON DAY instead of a STEAK DAY for the past 6 months with great success.

Today I stepped on the scale and was down 2.5 lbs right back to my LSW. Bingo.

Another tip from 5 rounds of experience.


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