Melba Toast & Breadsticks

Many people ask what kind of Melba Toast and Bread sticks they are allowed to have on the Spray It Away protocol.

One key is to make sure they do not have any essential oils – this means the Sesame flavor is not allowable but most of the others are.

The bread sticks that seem to be the best can be purchased at Superstore under the brand name Vita Vigor.  You will find them in the same section as the Melba Toast.

Remember that one serving is 20 calories so that is about 2 bread sticks or 1 Melba Toast.



  1. Hi, I am an A blood type and shouldn’t eat wheat. Also have some friends that need to be Gluten free. Do you know of a gluten free substitute that is allowable? Rice crackers of some kind, maybe?

    Also, my husband just started Round 1 and he is a big guy who works very long construction days outside. This being said, he does not “work out” but works very hard… should he be eating more protein like someone who is excercising?

    This is my round 2 and am so very excited that I have lost 30 lbs in Round 1! : )

    • Katherine, for those who need to eat Gluten free simply leave out the bread sticks. You can always eat a few more vegetables! This is a very common practice for many people.

      According to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in his book “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” eating wheat is a mixed factor for your blood type A (see pg 98) whereas Type O’s do not tolerate whole wheat products at all (see pg 63). You may eat wheat but be careful not to eat too much of it!

      Read another of my blogs that talks a little about blood type

      Because of the nature of your husband’s work, I agree. He probably would do very well on the 800 protocol – you’ll want to at least check it out.

      And finally…Wow! Congratulations on losing 30 lbs in Round 1! That’s awesome!

      🙂 Christine

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