A New Adventure!

Life is a journey and – for our family – it’s always full of adventure!  We’ve just returned from vacationing in one of Canada’s most beautiful spots… Fairmont, British Columbia! You’ll find Fairmont nestled between the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountains in the Columbia Valley – it’s gorgeous! During our week there I’ve been able to relax, do a ton of reading, play games and with family, hike & golf, meet some new friends, get together with more family enjoying a day at the Calgary Stampede… and of course, spend hours in the van driving!

Now that we’re back home I’ve decided on a NEW adventure for me – that of blogging! I’ve been told that blogging is an easy thing to do but, you know how it is…if you’ve never done something before it can be scary!  But they say that to overcome fear you must face it, so…here goes!

As some of you know, Dave & I have been on an incredible journey over the last year – an adventure I must say!  Together we have achieved a weight loss of over 180 lbs – a feat that only a year ago I wouldn’t have even imagined would be possible!  But look at us now!  (Check out our story at if you haven’t read about or seen us for a while.)  It’s because of this amazing change that I’ve been encouraged by some of you to blog about it.  Nothing thrills me more than to see the hope that comes into people’s eyes when we tell them or show them where we’ve come from.  For months now I’ve been able to witness others having success too!  It’s awesome!  I know I don’t have all the answers and I’m definitely not a doctor but  have walked the journey,  I’ve experienced the challenges & the triumphs, and I’m continuing to live it.  I also have the heart & passion to help others if they’ve chosen to take this path.

I trust that perhaps as I spend time sharing what I’ve learned in the past and sharing what I am currently researching that I might encourage & spur others on to become healthier and to ultimately reach their God-given ideal weight!



  1. Thanks Christine – – looking forward to hearing your lessons learned!

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