Performance 3 – During

Give your energy level a boost for a winning burst.

Retail Price: $24.97


Doctors and therapists agree that strenuous performance makes tremendous nutritional demands on the bodies of serious competitors. To give an all-out personal best in any test of physical exertion calls for inner support through properly managed nutrition – on top of muscle conditioning and skill. That’s why more and more athletes are turning to the instantly absorbed spray-delivered special vitamin, mineral, and nutrient formulas offered in Performance 3.

During is a product you take DURING your exercise. It’s easy, no pill swallowing – just spray this energy giving nutraceutical containing MSM and you will extend your performance to the limit. During also contains vitamin E, glucose, coenzyme Q10, potassium, phosphorous, and the essential amino acids, leucine and valine.

Product Info

  • Prepares – Assists – Rebuilds
  • Convenient – easy to carry – easy to use
  • Specialty nutrients to optimize your workout

Suggested Usage

  • Shake gently.
  • Spray directly into mouth, 8 spray per day.
  • Suggested use – 2 sprays, 4 times a day OR 4 sprays, 2 times a day.



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